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Medical Cannabis in Europe: The Markets and Opportunities

by Marijuana Business Daily International, 2019

This report provides industry leaders and investors interested in the European markets a realistic estimate of its current market sizes and a detailed analysis of the countries where the most opportunities exist. What it will not provide is long-term, uncertain projections with no basis in data.

In 2018, only three countries—Germany, Italy and the Netherlands—had meaningful sales of medical cannabis in Europe. Many other countries showed positive signs, advancing with legislation that either allowed national production or prescription, but those markets are far from established.

The immediate opportunities in Europe consist of:

  • Export to Germany, which will depend on imports until at least the end of 2020 to meet its domestic demand.
  • Setup of cultivation or production facilities in the countries that allow it or are preparing for it, including Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Malta, North Macedonia and Portugal.

This report covers:

  • International policy considerations at a United Nations and European Union level.
  • The Big Markets: Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
  • Countries that developed a framework with a primary goal of exporting.
  • Countries that have smaller national programs.
  • The next big European countries that could tip the scales.

Access the full article from Marijuana Business Daily International here: https://mjbizdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Medical-Cannabis-in-Europe-Report_FINAL_REV2.pdf

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