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Pioneering better health outcomes for those in need by harnessing the power of therapeutic cannabis

We are a global healthcare company leading the market in medicinal cannabis solutions to deliver better physical and mental health outcomes for patients around the World. We are currently reaching patients in the USA, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia.

Cannim Brands



Medical cannabis products available as Dried Flower, tinctures and vapes

Professor Lumir Hanuš discovered Anandamide, an endocannabinoid produced by the human body Anandamide and sits on Cannim’s medical advisory board.


Professor Hanuš has been a leading light in studying Cannabis since 1970 and to this day is helping the World understand the impact of this plant.

Telehealth clinics in USA, Australia & UK, where people with conditions that can be treated well by medical cannabis can speak to specialist medical staff and access unique care to treat their conditions.

Our clinical care experts also offer coaching and education to help people optimise their use of this new therapeutic and we offer tailored care for a number of complex conditions in partnership with select patient advocacy groups.

The largest people powered study of medical cannabis in the world.

The Lumir Mission is a global study aiming to understand the impact medical cannabis has on a wide range of conditions across a broad range of demographics. We will share our findings to allow people to make their own informed decisions on whether Medical Cannabis is suitable for them and to shine a light on the impact this therapeutic has on individuals, families, societies, and economies.


Our Vision

  • No one living with unnecessary pain or suffering

  • No one penalised or stigmatised for taking their medicine

  • Ease of access to life-changing medicines for anybody that wants it

  • Free access to quality, reliable information for people seeking answers

Available as Dried Flower and Hemp cream

North American Cannabis Cup winner Jonathan Jones brings his extensive experience to Cannim as the founder of High Country, a range of carefully curated boutique cannabis offering premium medical solutions to patients needs.

A range of novel foods approved CBD formulations that are able to be sold through retail channels across the UK & Europe.

Founded in 2016 by Jade Proudman who became a powerful advocate to allow access to CBD in the UK after it helped her off her death bed and gave her a renewed lease on life. Jade continues to campaign to help people suffering a range of conditions to access this life changing solution.



Available as Dried Flower.

The beautiful and iconic Doctor Bird is the National bird of Jamaica, where we carefully cultivate all of the cannabis for our HummingBud range.


Cannim is currently the only company in Jamaica legally exporting commercial quantities of cannabis into the worlds medical markets. We work closely with the Jamaican government and authorities to develop this opportunity for Jamaica to build its economy in a category it is already world-renowned for.

Research & Development

Working with global experts in their field such as clinicians and universities, and backed by comprehensive data, Cannim strives to identify how Cannabis can best help those in need.

Unique genetics, germplasm, and breeding programs allow for the development and growing of specialised cannabis starting material.

Our People

Our leadership team with unique experience in establishing a global cannabis company from seed to sale, backed by many years experience in high growth businesses.

Drawing on generations of growing expertise and the incredible knowledge of a diverse team of medical professionals.

Cannim surrounds itself with experts in their field to consistently deliver outstanding results.