Pioneering better health outcomes for those in need by harnessing the power of therapeutic cannabis

We are a leading global cannabis company providing GACP and GMP certified medical solutions to deliver better physical and mental health outcomes for patients around the World

Cannim Product Range

Terpene Rich Buds

Grown to GACP standards and processed as EU GMP, Cannim offers a range of high THC, High CBD and balanced strains via different brands speaking to different patient needs.


30ml bottles of full-spectrum medical cannabis oils submerged in a unique MCT carrier oil for better bioavailability. Available as High CBD (CBD 50), High THC (THC 27) and balanced (10:10 & 25:25) variants.


A medically approved vape pen available as High THC, High CBD or balanced using Cannims high-quality EU GMP distillate. Pen and 500g refill cartridges available.

CBD & Hemp

Working with experts in their field, we have created a range of products using CBD and Hemp seed oil as key ingredients. Available in Cosmeceuticals, refreshing beverages and health drinks.

Cannim Brands



Available as Terpene Rich Buds or Tinctures

Professor Lumir Hanuš discovered the first endocannabinoid in the human body (anandamide) and is an advisor to Cannim.

Professor Hanuš has been a leading light in studying Cannabis since 1970 and to this day is helping the World understand the impact of this incredible plant.



Available as Terpene Rich Buds.

The beautiful and iconic Doctor Bird is the National bird of Jamaica, where we carefully cultivate all of the cannabis for our HummingBud range.


GlowBud Botanics

Available as a day cream, night cream, anti aging, mask and serum

Scientifically formulated to make your skin glow. GlowBud Botanics uniquely blends CBD and hemp with a range of incredible ingredients to give people fresh, healthy skin that defies age.


Hemp Beer Co

Available as Lemon Kush Session Ale

Brewed from ancient grains of sorghum and hemp, with a range of terpenes for a unique flavour, the Hemp Beer Co is gluten-free, vegan friendly and 4.2% alcohol to deliver a fresh, clean taste.


Grown to GACP standards on over 500-acre farms in Jamaica, Australia, and Canada.

A select group of expert EU GMP certified manufacturers turns the starting material into finished products.

Distributed through a global network of partners to bring an improved quality of life to people across the globe.

Research & Development

Working with global experts in their field such as clinicians and universities, and backed by comprehensive data, Cannim strives to identify how Cannabis can best help those in need.

Unique genetics, germplasm, and breeding programs allow for the development and growing of specialised cannabis starting material.

Our People

A leadership team that has many years of corporate experience in high growth businesses.

Drawing on generations of growing expertise and the knowledge of a team of medical professionals.

Building a network of engaged and passionate people.