About Us

Meet our team and discover more about Cannim
Based in Sydney, Australia, Cannim was established in 2017 to bring the benefits of medicinal cannabis to the world.

Back in 2017, Cannabis was still stigmatised and cultivation considered an art form. Built on the 3 core pillars of Safety, Science, and Scale, Cannim established an organisation that could show people that Cannabis was a safe medicine, consistently develop it to pharmaceutical standards, and establish networks to reach a wide audience of needy people.

Just 3 years later, Cannim operates farms in Jamaica and Australia, has established a network of EU GMP manufactures and alliances, delivering a range of branded products to bring relief in many forms to people across the world.

This industry is nascent and this is only the very beginning of the journey. Cannim continues to create scale in its operations, giving us the ability to meet the needs of the ever-growing body of medicinal cannabis users. We are pioneering the development of the category, creating new ways for patients to effectively absorb our product, leading research into the effects of cannabis on a variety of conditions, pioneering its usefulness for others, and ensuring those in need get what they need when they need it at a price that’s fair.

Executive Team

John Worton

Founder & Chair

Chris Stalker

Chief Financial Officer

Lachlan Cameron

Chief Operations Officer

Sandra de Lange

Chief Regulation & Compliance Officer

Stuart Marsh

Chief Commercial Officer



We strongly believe in the powerful network effect of teams and alliances.

We have a strong vision for the future of cannabis and we actively seek like minded, future thinking industry pioneers to help us achieve it. 

If your organisation has big ambitions for this category, get in touch with us and lets see how we can work together to help even more people.



Our farm in Jamaica grows GACP compliant flower and holds all the necessary operating, cultivating, processing and research licences. We are certified as a GMP producer.

We successfully exported the first legal commercial shipment of cannabis out of Jamaica and ship product to Australia and Europe on an ongoing basis.

Our farm operates a mix of greenhouses, hoop houses and outdoor grow areas, giving us an ongoing harvesting opportunity to continually meet our customers needs. Our current facility has the capacity to generate over 1 tonne of flower per month

We grow a wide range of strains, with a focus on 20%+THC Indica and Sativa along with high CBD and Balanced varieties.

We are a significant provider of employment opportunities in our local area and have a passion to help Jamaicans benefit from the growth of an industry they are synonymous with.



Our farm in Australia is located in a hot, dry and sunny part of Queensland with ample access to water, which allows us to grow high quality cannabis outdoors all year round.

Our farm operates under the following licences granted by the Australian Office of Drug Control

  • Medicinal Cannabis (cultivation) licence
  • Manufacturing licence
  • Cannabis Research licence
  • Import licence
  • Export licence

We can sell product within Australia using our NSW Wholesale licence (by Indent).

Our plan will see us grow a range of Australian TGA compliant strains delivering high potency THC and CBD products for patients.


We have a processing license for our farm in Jamaica which is GMP certified by the Jamaican Ministry of Health and Wellness.
We also use a network of specialist EU GMP certified manufacturers to turn our cannabis flower and extract into finished products for patient use.

We currently work with manufacturers in:

  • Germany
  • Portugal 
  • Australia