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Cannim and Cantourage GmbH further expand their Partnership




Translated from German:

From the sunny highlands of Jamaica to German pharmacies – Cantourage and Cannim bring medical HummingBud cannabis flower to Germany.

Cantourage and Cannim are deepening their partnership and – starting today – are expanding the treatment options for patients in Germany with the highly potent Sativa-dominant genetic “Wild Thailand”.

After Lumir, HummingBud is the second Jamaican medicinal cannabis flower product that is available in German pharmacies thanks to Cantourage.

The product is characterized by sustainable cultivation and careful production without the use of radiation.


Disclaimer: With very few exceptions, medicinal cannabis is not an approved medicine in Australia and the TGA has not assessed them for safety, quality or effectiveness. Speak to your doctor to see whether medicinal cannabis is right for you. For regulatory approved information, please visit https://www.tga.gov.au/medicinal-cannabis-guidance-documents


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