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Changes in state cannabis legislation in the US pick up in 2021

Map of cannabis laws by US state
Cannabis Laws by US state

In the US, one-third of all states where cannabis laws have been eased have done so in the last 6 months alone.

Cannabis laws around the globe have traditionally been very conservative in the past, as the plant and its influence on the human body were not yet well understood. However, with an ever-growing body of research and larger, more thorough clinical studies, risks and benefits begin to be mapped out more clearly.

Through easing cannabis restrictions and creating regulated markets, countries like Canada and Portugal have been acting as early adopters. Despite some shortcomings, they start reaping the benefits from mostly positive repercussions and their approaches could now serve as blueprints for others to follow.

In 2021 alone the lawmakers of 7 states have already decided to ease laws related to cannabis offences that have been in place for decades.

This acceleration in the US might hint towards a possible turning point in cannabis regulation around western cultures.



Disclaimer: With very few exceptions, medicinal cannabis is not an approved medicine in Australia and the TGA has not assessed them for safety, quality or effectiveness. Speak to your doctor to see whether medicinal cannabis is right for you. For regulatory approved information, please visit the TGA website.

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