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Cannim launches Jamaican cannabis flower to the Australian medicinal market

Press Release

Cannim launches Jamaican cannabis flower to the Australian medicinal market

Cannim, an Australian-based producer of premium medicinal cannabis, has announced that its Jamaican cannabis flower is now available to Australian patients under the Special Access Scheme.

Cannim’s Chief Commercial Officer, Stuart Marsh said that the product, which is being sold as high-THC dried flower under the HummingBud brand, would offer patients unique access to world-class Jamaican cannabis.

“HummingBud’s branding references the iconic Doctor Bird, the national bird of Jamaica, and we’re eager to introduce local patients to the benefits of our high-quality, distinctive Jamaican product,” Mr Marsh said.

“We now have an ongoing supply of Jamaican cannabis flower legally available for prescribing in Australia, and we’re positive that it will be well-received by patients”

HummingBud is processed and released in accordance with Australian Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards by Epsilon Healthcare at its Southport facility, which according to Lachlan Cameron, Cannim’s Chief Operations Officer, is a key factor in maintaining quality standards from farm to pharmacy.

“We’re producing a high-grade therapeutic product from GACP and GMP-compliant facilities, and it’s crucial that those standards are upheld through local processing,” Mr Cameron said.

“Any authorised doctor can prescribe HummingBud under the Special Access Scheme and be confident of its quality and provenance.”

The announcement follows Cannim’s recent success in securing ground-breaking access for Jamaican product into the German medicinal market, as the company continues to grow its portfolio of premium medicinal cannabis products for patients in Australia and other legal markets around the world.



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Trade Contract:           Stuart Marsh – +61 410 308 841


About Cannim

Established in 2017, Cannim was founded on the vision of bringing the benefits of medicinal cannabis to the world, moving the trade from the darkness into the light©. This long-term vision is integral to Cannim’s approach to improving its consumers’ health and wellness – delivering ‘Better Balanced Bodies’ © – and establishing world-leading medicinal and wellness cannabis brands.

Cannim has invested in farms, EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-compliant production facilities, and research programs in Jamaica and Australia, utilizing expertise in major global markets including Israel, Jamaica, the USA, the UK and Australia. It operates alongside an international network of EU GMP manufacturers and channels to market.

Cannim’s circular integrated business is built on the three key pillars of Safety, Science and Scale, and is focused on consistently and reliably delivering premium products to patients around the world.

The worldwide cannabis market is still in its infancy, with total market value estimated at US$20bn in 2020, and projected to grow to US$103.9bn by 2024. The Australian Government has estimated that the local medicinal cannabis industry could grow into a sector worth more than $1 billion by 2029.


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