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Award-winning Australian CBD product launched to UK market


Press release

Award winning Australian CBD product launched to UK market

Leading Australian medicinal cannabis producer Cannim has secured access for their products into another key market, signing a distribution agreement with Akanda Corp.’s CanMart Ltd. to import their award-winning Lumir range into the United Kingdom.

Lumir CBD50, recently recognised as CBD Product of the Year at the Australian Cannabis Industry Awards, will be available immediately (alongside the Lumir THC25 and 10:10 variants) to medical cannabis patients across Britain. The five-year agreement will also extend to the Lumir flower range.

Tej Virk, CEO of Akanda Corp., said that the company was thrilled to partner with Cannim in introducing their products to UK patients.

“We’ve worked closely with Cannim to meet the exacting UK regulatory standards and quality requirements in order to bring the Lumir range to market, and we think local patients will respond positively to this award-winning product.

“This is another step in our effort to establish an international supply chain based on a unique ‘open marketplace’ model that brings together the best third-party products, such as the Lumir range, from around the world and combining them with our own.

“By democratising access to medical cannabis we can maximise choice and improve the lives of patients across the UK.”

Stuart Marsh, Cannim’s Chief Commercial Officer, said that the UK was an important link in a string of new market entries obtained by the company in recent months.

“In August we announced that we had secured access into the burgeoning German medicinal cannabis market, and in September we launched into Australia under the Hummingbud brand.”

“Thanks to our partnership with CanMart, we are pleased to add the UK to that footprint.

“We have been impressed by CanMart’s deep expertise and knowledge of the industry, which has been instrumental in securing the relevant approvals to introduce British patients to our products.”

In the UK, medical cannabis can be prescribed to patients by a specialist doctor on the General Medical Council’s ‘Specialist Register’ once the patient reaches the appropriate point in their treatment pathway.


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About Cannim 

Established in 2017, Cannim was founded on the vision of bringing the benefits of medicinal cannabis to the world, moving the trade from the darkness into the light©. This long-term vision is integral to Cannim’s approach to improving its consumers’ health and wellness – delivering ‘Better Balanced Bodies’ © – and establishing world-leading medicinal and wellness cannabis brands. 

Cannim has invested in farms, EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-compliant production facilities, and research programs in Jamaica and Australia, utilising expertise in major global markets including Israel, Jamaica, the USA, the UK and Australia. It operates alongside an international network of EU GMP manufacturers and channels to market. 

Cannim’s circular integrated business is built on the three key pillars of Safety, Science and Scale, and is focused on consistently and reliably delivering premium products to patients around the world. 

The worldwide cannabis market is still in its infancy, with total market value estimated at US$20bn in 2020, and projected to grow to US$103.9bn by 2024. The Australian Government has estimated that the local medicinal cannabis industry could grow into a sector worth more than $1 billion by 2029.

About CanMart

CanMart is a UK-based, fully approved pharmaceutical importer and distributor which supplies pharmacies and specialised clinics within the UK. The company was established in December 2018 – one of the first set up in response to the legalisation of medical cannabis in the UK – and has developed deep expertise in cannabis education, storage and distribution. CanMart holds all relevant licenses to store and distribute CBPMs in the EU, and has forged strong relationships with specialist couriers, clinics, hospitals and pharmacies, providing smooth, legal access to products through a multitude of channels. CanMart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Akanda Corp., an international medical cannabis company which also operates a GACP qualified cultivation and processing campus in the Kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa.

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